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Drick Ward Consulting

I started my first business at the age of 14 and began three other ventures before graduating from high school.  While in the Navy, I earned my Bachelor of Science degree from Southern Illinois University in Training, Education, and Development with a minor in Management of Human Resources.  I started a software design company and began consulting on database design in the early 1990's. 

I then worked in information technology, with franchisors, serving in both middle and senior management positions.  In addition to consulting for franchise systems, I also consulted small business owners which led to web site development and web hosting services.

As a real estate investor and licensed real estate broker, I help others build wealth through real estate holdings.

Website Services    Complete design and hosting as well as email services for small businesses, organizations, and, of course, rising stars in every occupational field at        

It doesn't matter whether you have only an idea and need everything, already have a site created and need a place to host it, or already have a site hosted somewhere else, I can give you greater value for your web dollar.  I offer domain registrations, site design and creation, email, blogs, site hosting--everything you need.  If you are responsible for website maintenance at your company or organization, look at my well priced hosting plans, domain registrations, and ancillary services. 

Real Estate Technology Consulting

Born from a need for technology services in the real estate industry, I offer a variety of solutions for systems integration and overall architecture design.  I specialize in scalable systems that allow for a real estate organization to grow from one person to one powerful company or team without having to re-tool along the way.  A well planned system includes growth strategy as a core component.

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